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Compliance supervision About LINK FOREX Why LINK?
About LINK FOREX — — Link your needful capital
  • logo CEO message

    Link forex deeply rooted in the financial industry for decades, has been courage to move forward in the global economy, the wave of waves to be a place.
    Here, we would like to thank all customers, partners with hundreds of Link forex employees around the world. Together, we inspire each other, trust each other, calmly face the opportunities and challenges brought about by the great times.

    We are well aware that the future competition of enterprises is the competition of technological innovation, the competition of brand depth, and the competition between the enterprise's internal and external maintenance and sustainable development ability, and it is the competition of the brand, It is the customer promise the daughter of high quality service competition!
    We are not afraid of difficulties, because our dreams are always firm and powerful. We are convinced that every employee will be the driving force behind the development of the enterprise, with full passion to invest in the stage to create a great era for Linkforex's future spectrum to write the most magnificent poem.
    Let us listen carefully to the wealth, with the accumulation of wealth, with love to control wealth, with Germany usher in wealth, and customers and partners win-win development, create brilliant!

    About LINK FOREX
  • logo Poised and made

    If you have chosen to travel to another country, then you must remember that the airport's currency exchange kiosks, remember that the screen shows a different currency exchange rate. When returning, but also once again to convert kiosks to exchange the rest of the foreign currency back in order to become a perfect travel ending. But when you exchange for another time, you find that the exchange rate unexpectedly changed. Of course, in this world, but also has the same people with you, choose to travel, choose exchange. In this same world, every day about 6 trillion US dollars of the huge volume, forming the world's largest financial market - foreign exchange market. With its fair, just, open features and high liquidity, 24-hour operation, and flexible operation, it has created billions of profit sources for banks worldwide, as well as for the majority of transactions Business to open up a broader perspective, as well as the opportunities given to this era.

    About LINK FOREX
  • logo Family of the Long

    LINK FOREX, a global fleet of foreign exchange markets, is committed to serving global institutional clients and investors. It is suitable for everyone's trading and investment perspectives. It provides one-stop foreign exchange trading solutions, integrated financial derivatives trading services, Transparent and open trading environment, and by virtue of the advantages of cutting-edge transactions, the rapid occupation of the market and become the world's foreign exchange market Long family. LINK FOREX Financial Group has a high-quality trading platform, follow the Link your needful capital corporate soul, its LYNC GLOBAL mt4, LYNC GLOBAL ALPINE Trader, LYNC GLOBAL ClearPro, LYNC GLOBAL Cunenex platform all using the world's leading STP no transaction Staff model, compared with the traditional MM model, STP model eliminates the behavior of traders to participate in transactions for traders to provide the most transparent international market environment. In this mode,the customer order will be sent directly to the international source of liquidity through STP bridging technology and enjoy the lowest spread offer for optimal matching.

    About LINK FOREX
  • logo Stable future

    LINK FOREX Financial Group in 2012 to enter the Chinese market, as the UK's senior financial institutions, focusing on the layout of the Asia-Pacific region one-stop integrated trading platform for the strategy. In December 12th the same year, LINK FOREX Financial Group China headquarters was established in Guangzhou. In just four years, has served in Japan, Korea, Malaysia and other Asia-Pacific region. About 207 million people around the world registered in LINK FOREX, LINK your needful client agents more than 3200, a mature trading model, nearly one million Asian and Pacific investors to open the era of globalization of investment.

    About LINK FOREX
  • logo Absolute sincerity

    As an international foreign exchange trader LINK FOREX Financial Group, subject to major international financial institutions supervision, because of its harsh regulatory conditions and improve the sound self-regulatory mechanism for trading funds to provide the most powerful security. LINK FOREX financial group open and transparent trading principles, sound trading technology, investors protect every asset. "Our solemn promise is that LINK FOREX will not derive any additional benefit from any profit or loss sheet of the trader, and the profit and loss of the customer will be determined solely by the market price of the investment product, giving the investor the fair and impartial trading environment FOREX only applies to any person 's transactions, the real recognition of the future is to give all the traders, cherish every recognition and trust.

    About LINK FOREX
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