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What is a CFD?

CFD stands for CFDs and has existed in different forms for many years. In short, CFD is a financial instrument that uses margin to buy or sell financial products in a transaction without the full value of the product.

CFDs were introduced in the 1990s by stock traders, allowing hedge fund clients to use high leverage and expand downside exposure risk. There is also a benefit to CFDs: no stamp duty is payable. Until the late 1990s, with the rapid development of science and technology, CFDs have attracted much attention, making CFDs become the main market in the past decade.

Because of leverage, traders have the opportunity to leverage in a short period of time in the high volatility of the stock on speculative transactions. Today, CFDs are widely used in many markets, not just in the stock market. Not only professional traders can use, but also available to the retail customers at home use. Related reports statistics: the British stock market more than 25% of the trading volume is the CFD trading. Now Canada, Singapore and Eastern Europe and other countries also began CFD transactions.

If you have never traded CFDs, you can use the demo account on our Platform Trading Tips page to increase your awareness of the trade.

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