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Forex margin trading has a certain risk, please read the full account before the full risk tips
  • Linkforex provides foreign exchange and CFDs are margin trading products; so compared to other investment, margin trading products with high risk. All legal basis is in accordance with the 2000 Financial Services and Markets Regulations.
  • Margin trading is a leveraged transaction, only a small amount of money, according to the proportion of leverage can do a larger amount of transactions. If the price fluctuates in favor of the position, you will be profitable, and if it is to reverse the direction of the position, will cause you to lose. Margin trading is likely to be a potential profit or loss, so you need to consider carefully when doing a deal.
  • Please pay attention to international holidays and winter time, daylight saving time changes, we are committed to maintaining the market information table (MIS) in the information update
  • Linkforex is a separate account for retail customers, and all customer funds are strictly regulated by the US Futures Association (NFA). When a customer finishes an account, the profit or loss of his account depends entirely on whether or not your transaction is correct.
  • If you have any questions regarding Forex Margin Trading and CFDs, we advise you to consult professional advice and help before you start trading.
  • Linkforex is regulated by the US Futures Industry Association (NFA), and the system will be prompted to reduce investor risk and margin ratio below 130%; if the margin ratio is equal to or less than 100%, the system will be forced to close.
  • Internet-based network transactions, due to your device hardware configuration and network transmission speed, the transaction may be a slight delay.