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Payment Methods Link forex offers a variety of convenient and secure access. All online deposit and withdrawal orders are implemented in accordance with 256-bit SSL technology encryption, to provide customers with international banking standards services.
Payment Methods
Deposit icon
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login Link forex official

website, into the customer

click on the "online deposit"

section, select the bank card

into the bank
click on the "gold application"

section, choose to open

bank card out of gold
single into the gold up to

150,000 USD, a single day

without gold limit
access to customers self-

service, no human intervention,

no fees, convenient and safe
  • UnionPay bank card into and out of gold 1 - 3 working days to account
  • Customers apply for a deposit, the funds can only reach the same name of the registered bank card
  • When customers enter the gold, should be aware of the registration account binding bank card single-day limit situation
Payment Methods
国际汇款路径 Bank details三角形小图标
Beneficiary/Account name
Bank account number
Beneficiary bank name
SWIFT/BIC Bank address(银行地址)
LYNC GLOBAL CO.,LTD USD美金–11500 05073803850

EURO欧元–11500 10556116132
ARMBUSINESSBANK CJSC ARMNAM22 48 Nalbandyan str., 0010,

Yerevan, Armenia

Intermediary Bank details中转(介)行信息:
  • Very important:
    Dear Customer, in order to receive the fund smoothly, please note when you make a payment to us you are kindly requested to provide the below intermediary bank detail to your bank. Thank you very much for your kind corporation.
  • 非常重要:

Vienna, Austria

International remittance Link forex special instructions
  • International remittance access, Link forex does not charge any fees
  • Dear customers, according to ABB's current list of transit (please refer to, hereby remind you that if you need to send money to our company ( USD or EUR) Please be sure to fill in the above information in the remittance information form. Otherwise, there may be a delay in payment. Please refer to the previous link or contact the bank for remittance
  • International remittance, the bank refused to trade with the sanctioned and war-torn countries; it is recommended that you send money before the payment to confirm whether the bank through
  • International remittance deposit method

    International remittance fee +35 euros Transfer bank fee (Euro settlement)

    International remittance deposit fee calculation, specifically to see the local bank rates, bank charges each slightly different
  • International remittance bank payment method

    Remittance amount X0.1% + 35 euros Transfer bank fee (Euro settlement)

    International money transfer fee calculated the gold, specifically to see the local bank rates, bank charges each slightly different
  • Customer's international remittance is credited to the company and the company will not be responsible until the Link forex account is not reached. The customer will not be responsible for the payment of the international remittance and the funds leaving the Link forex account
  • customer international remittance entry and exit account 3 - 8 working days
  • According to the provisions of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, Chinese citizens spend 5000.00 US dollars per year
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