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Products Link Forex offers advanced FX, Precious Metal and CFD trading platform to global investors
Forex Precious Metal CFD
What is a Precious Metal?

Gold and silver are known to be one of the most widely used global asset investment instruments. Unlike the traditional paper gold trading market, LINK FOREX through the OTC market, the use of online trading platform to provide customers with fast and easy to execute instructions. You can trade gold and silver at 100x leverage.

Gold Although gold is often used as an investment asset in world financial markets, technically it is still a currency. Our platforms offer gold in US dollars.
When the financial market risk is too large, the traders will be gold as an investment tool. This can spread the risks in the portfolio or hedge the risk. Gold has received attention in the history of mankind for thousands of years, so in the invention of gold before the CFD, its rare characteristics determine its high transaction costs.
LINK FOREX offers gold CFDs to allow customers to trade on margin rather than buy gold.
Gold's minimum contract for online trading is 0.1 lots.
Silver silver is also used in financial market investment, but can also be used for the electrical industry.
Similar to gold, silver is sometimes associated with the money market and the stock market, thereby diversifying the risks in the portfolio or hedging the risk.
Our platform silver is quoted in US dollars.
LINK FOREX offers Silver's CFDs to allow customers to trade on margin rather than buy a silver item.
Silver has a minimum contract size of 0.1 lots on-line.
Precious Metals Trading Case
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