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Compliance supervision About LINK FOREX Why LINK?
Compliance supervision
The most rigorous, most authoritative, the most enforceable international regulation
Regulatory information:NFA Financial Service Provider Authorized Image

1. US financial service providers to monitor the registration

2. The Link foreX is authorized by the American Futures Industry Association (NFA) financial service provider

3. Link forex in the United States NFA full license registration number: 0503919


1.NFA regulatory information inquiry website:

2. US NFA and UK FCA is the world's financial industry's most authoritative, most comprehensive, the strongest international financial industry regulators

3.All NFA financial firms registered with NFA must be subject to strict supervision and must be registered with the Financial Dispute Resolution Act, which is approved by the Government.

4.LYNC GLOBAL Ltd British Financial Group, founded meaning: Link Your Needful Capital. To increase brand awareness and corporate culture led, so I use the Link Link this highly efficient enterprise VI as a corporate brand in the Chinese market And even the Asia-Pacific region as a promotional use; the same official website address registration: The concept of the period as Porsche brand in the Chinese market to take homophonic Porsche exactly the same. LYNC has become one of the world's most stringent regulatory National Futures Association NFA members, regulators license number: 0503919

NFA Financial Service Provider Authorized Image
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Link forex is headquartered in London, UK. Global operations are strictly regulated by the US Futures Industry Association (NFA), registered NFA Full License: 0503919; link ensures that the customer's transaction is absolutely transparent and absolutely no offer; Link is global One of the most trusted and best-served foreign exchange brokers. NFA regulatory information at

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Link forex Financial Group All Client Account funds are fully isolated and deposited in the trust accounts of the world's top banks, Bank of America and Barclays, in accordance with US NFA regulatory requirements, and are fully compliant with US NFA regulations. All customers' funds will Conduct daily bank audits and settlements to ensure maximum customer security.

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The American Futures Industry Association (NFA) is a financial regulator established by the US government, whose regulatory system has long been considered the most stringent, robust, most practicable and most profitable international financial regulator, One of the world's most recognized financial regulators. NFA requires any institution registered in the United States to engage in the financial sector and is required to operate under the NFA regulation and to meet stringent capital requirements to protect the interests of investors.

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According to the link service global customer's historical record, the company has never set up a case of capital disputes, to keep customers zero complaints of good results.

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