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Overnight interest
Overnight interest From here you can understand the rules and calculation methods of overnight interest gain or expense Overnight interest
Overnight interest refers to the interest that the warehouse needs to pay or earn overnight. Each currency has its own interest rate, and each foreign exchange transaction involves two currencies, and therefore involves two different rates. You can earn overnight interest ("positive overnight interest") when you buy interest rates higher than the rate of money you sell. If you have a lower interest rate on the currency you are buying, you will be charged an overnight interest ("negative overnight interest"). Overnight interest may cause your transaction costs or profits to increase significantly.

LINK FOREX will calculate the overnight interest of the customer's position at 10:00 pm British time (which will change with the seasonal changes).
Overnight interest amount depends on the position of the product you hold and the long and short direction, when you need to pay or get the corresponding amount of interest.

Please note: Wednesday night will be paid or paid 3 times the overnight interest (Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday).


Monday: 1 day overnight interest. Monday trading, Wednesday settlement, Monday positions to Tuesday, the settlement date for Wednesday to Thursday, so to pay / charge 1 day interest.
Tuesday: 1 day overnight interest. Tuesday positions to Wednesday, the settlement date for Thursday to Friday, so to pay / charge 1 day interest.
Wednesday: 3 days overnight interest. Wednesday positions to Thursday, the settlement date for Friday to next Monday, so to pay / charge 3 days interest.
Thursday: 1 day overnight interest. Thursday positions to Friday, the settlement date for next Monday to next Tuesday, so to pay / charge 1 day interest.
Friday: 1 day overnight interest. Friday positions to next Monday, the settlement date for Tuesday to Wednesday, so just pay / charge 1 day interest.

Interest rate

For example:
Assuming Monday to buy three hand GBP / USD, the market price is: 1.7718 / 1.7722, positions overnight to Tuesday, where the pound is high interest rates, the dollar against the pound lower interest rates. For example, the interest margin is PRM BUY 0.42% (annual interest difference), then the customer who holds the pound will earn interest.
Calculated as follows: 0.42% / 360 X 10000 X 3 hand X 1.7722 X 1 day = $ 0.62
That is, the average annual interest to the day * the corresponding account funds * hand * buy (sell) price * interest days.

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